What are Small Groups?

Small groups are a way of connecting intentionally. 

We live in a fast paced world.  We lead busy lives.  It is sometimes difficult to connect with people and really feel a part of our community.  We here at King of kings believe that small groups are a way for people to connect with one another. 

Small groups are not new.  Jesus started the ultimate in small groups – he had disciples!  In that time – small groups were the church.  Most of the time that was the only church they knew.  Most groups were small – about 30 people or so.  King of kings is committed to helping people connect in a safe and healthy way.

What is the purpose of Small Groups?

King of kings Lutheran Church believes that:

  • Relationships Matter
  • Everyone Counts
  • We Are Growing in Faith
  • We are reaching out to the World 

Small Groups support this mission of our church in the following way:

  • Small Groups can help grow relationships
  • When we have Small Groups, everyone counts
  • Small groups can help our faith grow
  • Because of Small Groups, we can reach out to others

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